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Just some random comments from our

valued students and customers to share with you:


I have lost a few kilos just in two months! What's more, Belly Dance has become my true love!   Belly Dance Fitness Class   - Ms Tan
Each instructor has their unique way of approaching when it comes to teaching. I like them all. And I suggest you start unlimited membership so we can come every day.   Belly Dance Fitness Class   - Miss Venice

"I really enjoyed all the dance classes that I attended n taught by your instructors. They r so patient, friendly n taught in a very enjoyable way. Thru mouth of words, I ve already told my friends n I hope my friends were see for themselves. Jia you n I will definitely support u. "

  Belly Dance Fitness Class and Choreo Class   -Miss Linda

What a great opportunity for our girls to have such an experienced instructor. Last year the girls loved it so much They said it was the best thing they did all year!



Belly Dance Workshops

International Cultural Experienc


- Mr. B Trezona

Australian International School

I would like to thank SOPHIA for her amazing performance during our Fendi Dinner and Dance. She was great !!! ;-)  

Belly Dance Performance

Dinner and Dance


- Mr. Damien




Hi Jeff. My wife and I would like to thank you for your wonderful performance earlier. My guests enjoyed themselves thoroughly :)  

Saxophone Solo Performance


  - Wedding groom



Words from our Professional Belly Dance Performing & Instructor Courses Students




Time is flying, I can not believe it is last quater of 2014, what a whirlwind year for me, well, one of the things make me feel sooo proud of myself this year is to learn Belly dance especially to join Sophia's professional class at Desert Roses.
I respect their professionalism, Sophia and lily never give in to their standard in order to make their students happy instead they try their best to inspire you, to mold you , to shape you.
Being a good dancer is easy, being a good instructor definitely is not easy, Sophia is beyond a good instructor , she is a good friend. I often moved by her passion not only into dance, but also friendship. She often spend extra efforts and time on her students.
Would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Sophia for all your efforts, encouragement and patience with me.
Desert Rose is the best choice of mine in 2014, hope it is yours too.



"Due to my Arabic roots, I have always been inspired by Belly dance and wanted to learn.

After few years working in a male-dominant environment (IT in investment banking), I was feeling a bit lost with myself as a woman. I was not able to balance between this demanding and pressurized
environment, my professional ambitions, and my personal goals.

In parallel, I have been living as an expat since 2008 and was in need to reconnect with the Arab culture that I was missing a lot.

That’s how the call for Belly dance became louder and I finally jumped into that world.

I have been practicing for 18 months and I see it as a complete way to connect with my femininity.

Belly dancing enables me to express myself as woman, confident, seductive, sensitive, generous and vulnerable. It is also a perfect, fun and complete workout for body conditioning.

My first public performance with The Desert Roses was a blast! I feel that I have taken a huge step in finding my own voice. I am grateful to have this beautiful channel of expressing myself and to meet such
inspiring and beautiful women as The Desert Roses!


Eva: 在来沙漠玫瑰学习肚皮舞之前,我是有接触过肚皮舞的,当时自认为基本功还不错。但通过第一个月表演班的系统学习后,发现自己跳舞的时候没有表情,其实有很多动作尤其一些跨部动作是做得不够到位的,发力点不正确同时也没有很好地运用到腹部的力量。现在已经慢慢地纠正自己身上的遗留的错误,希望自己会比以前变得更加地专业。 感谢 Sophia 这一个月来的耐心教导。 sophia 老师是一位热心亲和的好老师,只要我们有什么问题 sophia 老师都会一一清楚解答问题, sophia 老师很负责,在这里我发觉 sophia 老师和沙漠玫瑰的创始人 Lily 都是很热心和耐心有亲和力的对我们每位学员的指导,就觉得像很好朋友一样。和学院每位同学交流和在课堂呆在一起有种很开心的感觉,也很喜欢听她们分享经历,感谢 Lily ,认识了你我才有机会做世界冠军 sophia 的学生,现在也很荣幸在沙漠玫瑰教课,非常感谢 Lily 和 sophia 老师给我这个机会。感恩有你们的教学和指导,我才能有今天的成绩。肚皮舞给人带来的不仅仅是美,也不仅仅是一种运动,它能表达出舞者的优雅和自信。它也为心灵与身体建立了一种精神纽带。你可以象蝴蝶、海浪、流水一样欢快与自由。当你翩翩起舞时,你体内的女神让你变得更优雅、更有力量、更加性感。它是女士探索自身的舞蹈,是对身体和内心世界的探险。谢谢沙漠玫瑰给我带来的改变,以后我会更加努力的。 RX: 第一次接触肚皮舞就被它的美所吸引,进而去尝试跳肚皮舞,最后爱上这个舞蹈。它带给我的不仅是自信、美丽,还有友谊。在学习、比赛的过程中交到了志同道合的朋友,和朋友们一起练舞也成了每个礼拜最期待的时刻。所以我不愿放弃肚皮舞,要一直学一直跳,跳遍世界,交到更多热爱肚皮舞的朋友。 Dandan: 不知不觉自己学习肚皮舞已经小半年了也越来越发现学习肚皮舞需要的是一种坚持,起初得练习真的是既枯燥又乏味,几个动作重复来重复去,后来慢慢发现原来这种枯燥与乏味是为了给以后得成品舞奠定更好得基础 .



I was inspired by the artistry of Belly Dance, after chancing upon a performance a few years ago. Following my son's birth, I was excited to get back in shape and belly dancing was the perfect combination of dance plus fitness.  After several months of dance classes, I felt ready to enrol in the Pro Performing Course and after which, the Pro Instructor Course. The months of preparation and practice were challenging and motivated me to expect even more from myself. My experiences from the start of my belly dancing journey has been extremely enjoyable. Though I've been dancing since age 5, this is the 1st time that a dance form has sparked such a high level of passion within me and I'm simply captivated... I began belly dancing purely as a physical workout, however what it has given me, is a true sense of self...a beautiful way to express confidence and happiness from within! Instructor & course structure review: As I've taken 2 comprehensive courses under Sophia, I feel that since day 1, I've received very detailed instruction and corrections from Sophia. Her instruction and corrections are clear, easy to follow and to execute (in class or self practice). She expects a good amount of effort from us and it shows that Sophia truly cares about how much we can improve (as it's only within a few months) so that we can aim to realise our full potential. It was helpful that the perf. course had 'self-prac. technique homework' required each week, during the course & I feel that future Instructor course students would also benefit from required technique 'homework' as well. :) Overall, it was a great experience & I'm really glad that I joined both courses! 



I am glad that I have taken up the Pro-instructor course with Master Sophia Meng at Desert Roses.  In this 2 1/2 months intensive training, I have built confidence, improved my techniques and mastered practical teaching skills.  
Sophia is such a talented master and she is more than willing to share her passion and knowledge with us. With her encouragement, I am motivated to work hard toward my goal.  It is indeed an enjoyable journey and I am looking forward to share my knowledge in the near future. Thank you Sophia for your guidance and sharing your wonderful experience.



o master and be a professional belly dancer will take years of discipline, practice and study.

I am glad and grateful to join Desert Roses Professional Belly Dance Instructor course. The course taught me to better myself as a belly dancer and how to be a dance instructor.

Sophia who conducted the course is an inspiration. She is strict but very result oriented in the lesson. She is very patience and caring which help me a lot. 

Her classes has a series of combination and drilling specially design for trainees teachers. From the course we learn how to do sequence from how to start and end a class, time control and various ways of explanation. She also taught us how to conduct the class in a fun and easy way.

Thank you Desert Roses for coming up with this course… It was a great opportunity for any dancer who want to develop themselves further not only just be able to dance but to be able to teach a class.




以前觉得跳舞很好玩,很美, 可是我却没机会靠近舞蹈也不敢去想学跳舞因为太胖了所以没勇气去学。自从瘦下来慢慢的开始想去尝试跳舞的滋味但是有点害羞因为学跳舞必须投资很多。直到我来了新加坡工作想试试学肚皮舞,于是就上网找哪里可以学肚皮舞。尝试发简讯问几间学院到后来只有 Dessert Roses Studio 回我简讯,才让我真正有机会学到肚皮舞不像以前我在家乡学的肚皮舞。
还记得那一次的在课堂上哭了,不是因为被骂到哭了而是我有在努力,每晚都练习,甚至出国旅行我都比自己一定要在酒店联系要不然我会跟不上,可是却被说成我没下苦功。可能平时我给自己太大压力了,一直怕跟不上怕拖累整个班的进度,再加上身体一时适应不了连续两天 3 个小时的运动,就在那晚哭了。也因为这一哭把压力给释放,我没放弃而是去找出为什么我有下苦功可是却被说成没有的原因。尝试自己录像自己练习的样子原来才发现老师所说的。从那晚后,我比平时更努力练习,每次练习都录像看看自己的缺点也发现我慢慢地进步了也慢慢得到老师的认同了。这一个人认同让我觉得自前的辛苦努力都赚回来了!
在这里,真的很谢谢 Sophia 和 Lily 给我那个机会来认识肚皮舞,让我慢慢的从喜欢变成非常喜欢肚皮舞,也让我知道只要肯努力,肯学,不会跳舞的人也会慢慢会跳舞了,让我有了目标前进!谢谢!




Words from our Personal Make Up Course and Professional Make Up Course Students




首先非常感谢 Lily 、 Grace 和所有伙伴们。在 Desert Roses Arts Studio 学习的这段日子里,我的感受颇多,听了 Grace 的课和她的教课指导方法,这种经历使我一生受益。 1 :在没学习专业化妆课程前,自己心中的“化妆”就是需要把一个人画漂亮,用不同的化妆方法把一个人的不足和缺点加以缩小、修饰和美化。通过几天有意义的学习和反复练习后才明白,其实,化妆也是一门艺术,是表现情感打动人物的一种深层表现。化妆能把一个人改变,最起码是在外形上。化妆的责任是如何把一个人变美,画出她的魂。 Grace 的技术真的超赞。 2 :学习的过程中,渐渐的体会到,化妆的每一步都是很重要的,更需要考虑到整体的效果,不仅要注重妆容,也要注意服装的搭配。在学习的日子里,有了家的归属感,我们大家一起学习,一起交流,一起活动,每个人都很热情很谦让,课堂气氛超级活跃。 3 :三周的时间,不仅学到了许多化妆知识,而且结交了许多优秀的老师和朋友,并且重新认识了自己,让自己在以后的生活中变得更加自信美丽。总之:谢谢 Desert Roses Arts Studio 提供了这么独一无二的美妆平台和大量的工作机会,希望我们学校培养出更多更优秀的化妆师…这段学习的经历值得怀念一辈子, thanks to you all. [ 微笑 ]



正真开始接触化妆这个行业 , 是来新加坡之前的几个月 , 通过婚礼了解到这个市场的巨大潜在力 , 对于一个没有特别技能的我来说 , 从中国到新加坡就业感到无限踌躇 , 所以决定学习一技之长。在国内的时候就在网上找到了 lily, 初步了解之后发现非常符合我的需求 , 对于化妆技术系统的学习和许多的就业实习机会 , 所以一到新加坡就来报名了 , 非常高兴的是 , 我赶上了第二期的化妆学习班。

加入 Desert Roses Arts Studio 以来 , 受益颇深 ,grace 老师的教学 , 从基本的化妆步骤到我们的细节错误 , 都是耐心回答 , 一个一个纠正,用最简单且明确的语言指出我们的问题所在。从前的我对于化妆品不怎么了解 ,grace 老师帮我们跑进跑出的采购化妆品 , 教我们如何使用各种工具。 Emily 老师为我们讲解了最专业的头发造型 , 从发用工具的使用 , 到包发编发的制作 , 一一让我们每个人去尝试 , 去感受。

在短短几个课时的学习期间 , Desert Roses Arts Studio 还为我们提供了许多的实习机会 , 让我们为同学、歌手、艺人、店员等等不同的人群化妆 , 包括各种特效妆扮 , 在这里 , 我发现化妆不仅仅存在婚庆行业 , 电视活动,商业活动,舞蹈表演,节日庆祝等等都需要化妆师的参与,也让我掌握了更多日常妆容涉及不到的领域 , 我非常享受在这里的学习时光 , 同时 , Desert Roses Arts Studio 还为我们这样初到新加坡的新人创造了很多认识新朋友的机会 , 我们共同学习 , 共同成长 , 相信我们以后在化妆这条道路上会越走越好 , 也希望 Desert Roses Arts Studio 也蒸蒸日上,为化妆行业注入更多的新鲜血液。


Michelle Ning:





机缘巧合之下我认识了 Grace ,我的化妆老师。在我的婚礼上,她以娴熟的化妆技法及专业精神,把我打造成最美丽的新娘。从那时起,我突然意识到,原来化妆不仅仅是在脸上描眉画眼这么简单,它是一门艺术,也是一门学科。有一次老师在看了我画的妆后,说我具有当职业化妆师的潜质,她的肯定在我的内心深处激起涟漪,使我越发肯定了要系统学习专业知识的想法。就这样,我来到了沙漠玫瑰的化妆课堂。
















为期三周的个人美妆课程结束了 , 只能说非常幸运能接触到新加坡沙漠玫瑰这个宝贵的学习平台。从最开始带着对化妆满脑子的疑问 , 到现在可以将自己想要的不同风格的妆容画出来 , 自我感觉收获颇多。在学习的过程中 , 老师们都耐心 , 细致的为我们讲解化妆的基础知识 , 各种小技巧 , 以及实战过程中碰到的各种问题和挑战。而我也领悟到化妆过程中的每一个步骤与最后整体效果的关联性和重要性。非常感谢这里的每一位良师益友 , 谢谢你们。因为未知 , 走下去才有惊喜。所以 , 加油吧 !



还沉浸在课堂学习与课后练习的趣味与喜悦中 , 我们的化妆课程已经步入了第二期专业班的学习阶段。手机上翻阅着同学们在第一期的课后作业 , 大家的妆面由简单的生活日妆到浓艳的舞台妆 ; 由一开始只能画出不对称的两条粗眉到如今可以在清秀迷人与性感撩人的完美眉型间自由切换 , 我们都开心地感受到 , 我们大家进步了 ! 同学们在课后的一次次练习 , 老师们在课后的一次次耐心点评 , 此刻都得到了欣慰 ! 我开始明白了一点 , 成功是要靠不断的努力和大胆尝试 , 自信是靠不断实践和丰富阅历。很幸运的 , 我们所在的沙漠玫瑰化妆培训班就是这样一所可以让学员有许多实践机会 , 从而培养我们的信心和胆识 , 让我们看到了化妆课堂以外更加真实的化妆间 , 化妆师 , 以及和客人们在一起的实际工作场景。让我们还在学习的阶段就提前做好准备 , 也更加了解自己想做什么 , 该做什么 , 该怎么做 , 怎么做才能做好。只有这样 , 才能成功 , 才能在化妆世界里找到自己的位置。  


我庆幸我找到了这里 , 也很荣幸我在这个化妆学校的大家庭里学习。接下来的学习课程里 , 我会更加努力扎实基本功 , 勤奋去实践 , 为老师们争光 , 为将来的新学员们做个好榜样 !




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