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Our beautiful, professional, experienced and friendly performers perform for

D&D /Conferences/ Corporate Events / Company Functions Cocktail Party/ Weddings / Hen's Party /Bachelorette Party / Birthday Party/House Parties/ Christmas Party /Bat/ Bar Mitzwah Party /Product Launch /Pre-dinner Mingling / School Performances

/Drum and Dance Workshops /Team - building Training

We have fixed packages but we also tailor our shows for our clients to achieve the best performance impact.

Our performances include stage show and interactive segment with guests.


Please contact Lily by SMS Lily @ +65 97523028 and state your show date /time and venue,

so we can give you a proper quotation with details asap or email

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Artistic, Cultrual, Innovative & Entertaining

Performance Packages

(Music and Dance Performances)

1 Solo Saxophone Performance

2 Saxophone and Chinese Dance 3 Bohemian Duet (Sax and Accordion)
4 Belly Dance Show 5 Fire Belly Dance Show 6 Saxophone Belly Dance Show
7 Laser Drumming Show (LED Drumming) 8 Thousand Hands Guan Yin Dance

9 Bollywood Dance Show

10 Popping and Morden Dance Duet

11 Kpop Dance 12 Drum and Belly Dance Workshop

13 Avatar Show

(Handlights /Laser Dance Show)

14 Singapore Harmony Dance

(Cultural Dances)

15 Las Vegas Style Dance

16 Ruan Gong/Contortion Show (Chinese Arobatices) 17 Moulin Rouge Can Can Dance  
Show No.

Performance Package

Demo Video


Solo Sax

Solo Saxophone Performance


Stage or background live band.

Solo saxophone performance with backing tracks on CD. Kenny G style saxophone music /Smooth Jazz saxophone music

By songs or by sets depending on your events

Suitable as background music for cocktail party or pre-dinner reception and as well as for stage performance


Sax and Chinese Dance

Saxophone and Chinese Dance

Saxophone and Chinese Dance

West meets East

Show can be 10 to 12 minutes (3 saxophone songs total, 2 songs accompanied by the Chinese dancer)


Sax and Accordion

Saxophone and Accordion Duet

Bohemian Duet

(sax and accordion)

Lovely music by Jeff and Dan.


Bohemian and romantic feel.




Sax and Accordion

Saxophone and Violin Duet

(sax and violin)

Romantic and sizzling music!




Belly Dance Show

2 to 9 beautiful belly dancers will use colorful props like veils, wings and fan veils to make a great stage show with their solo and group performances (5 to 15 minutes)




Belly Dance Show

with Interactive Dance

2 to 9 beautiful belly dancers will use colorful props like veils, wings and fan veils to make a great stage show with their solo and group performances (5 to 15 minutes)

Followed with stage interactive dance with guests (5 minutes), hip scarves provided for the guests. March down and make a big party with everyone.


Each part is a highlight. Emcee needed to assist the interactive dance part to get 3-4 participates. More dancers can be added.



Belly Dance Show

with LED wings

Belly Dance Opening Item with Saxophone and LED Wings!


Live saxophone can be just an option. LED wings can go without live saxophone music.



Fire Belly Dance Show

Striking and lively fire fans will bring more great vibes to your event! Fire fan dance is about 3 minutes.


The rest of the show is the same as package 4.


Saxophone Belly Dance Show

Dance to live saxophone music

Fusion belly dance, Fan Veil Dance and Chinese Dance.


Laser Drumming Show

Laser drumming show with gorgeous drummer girls in space costumes. Great for event opening. Future state of drumming!


Show can be done with 4 or 6 or 8 drummers. On the right it's our promo video.

Real show video 1 HERE.

Real show video 2 HERE.

Real show video 3 HERE.


Thousand-Hand Guan Yin

(Qian Shou Guan Yin, Chinese Dance)

Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva

(Qian Shou Guan Yin, Chinese Dance)

Usually our show consists of 8 dancers to make a good show.


Ancient, spiritual and splendid.

Goddess love and compassion. Extraordinary display of beauty and grace.



Bollywood Dance Show

Bollywood Dance Solo or Group Dance, usually about 10 minutes performance, followed with audience participation.


Energetic and involving! Audience participation at the last part for party!


Popping Dance and Morden Dance


Popping with a twist.






Kpop dance /Jazz Dance

Korean Pop Dance




Drum and Dance Workshop

Belly dance and drum workshop! 45 minutes to 2 hours duration. Great for team building and group bonding.


Avatar Laser Dance Show (Handlights used in this video, can also use laser lights)

Breakdance by amazing dancers. Energetic and breathtaking. Great for opening in UV light. Costumes and handlights are provided by us. UV lights provided by the venue.


Laser torches can be used too to creat a laser dance show.


Singapore Culture Dance/

Singapore Harmony Dance

Multi-cultural dances of Singapore!

Singapore Harmony Dance (Chinese, Malay and Indian dances).


Our dance is about 8 minutes.


(Japanese dance was added in this video according to the request of Japanese company client)


Check out our performance by 6 dancers HERE


Vegas Style Dance

Singapore Edition

Las Vegas Style Dance with a classic twist for grand opening, welcome VIP, etc.


Glitz and glamor Las vegas Style with elgant Singapore touch! Great for opening and VIP welcome!


Dance can be choreographed according to the request.

Check out another rehearsal item HERE


Ruan Gong/Contortion Show (Chinese Arobatices)

Contortion (Ruan Gong) show. Chinese acrobatics.


Moulin Rouge Can Can Dance

Moulin Rouge Can Can Dance Show

3 minutes of powerful classic can can dance!


Please view more Demo Videos @ Video Page and photos @ Gallery page.


(Our professional performance team performs for commercial event shows and

have done numerous shows for all types of events.

Our students and trainees also are led by instructors and have performed for many major public shows and charity shows.


Only public shows and charity shows are listed below)

2014 Red Cross Bukit Merah Charity Show

2014 NKF Walk of Love Charity Show

2013 TWC2 Charity Show

2013 Little India Food Festival

2012 Little India Food Festival

2011, 2012 新加坡金字品牌奖(Singapore Prestige Brand Award) Ceremony

Charity Show for the Home (By Lions Club of Singapore New Central)

Charity Show for NUH Cancer Foundation Nov 2012

Charity show for TWC2

Little Indian Food Festival 2012

As special partner for Asiaone Adventure Race April 2012

Lian He Zao Bao Award Ceremony Dec, 2012

Army Half Marathon, 2011

Art @ the mall Feb 19 and 20, 2011@Jurong Pointl by SWCDC (6PM-8PM)

(Instructors and Students) on Mediacorp TV Channel 5 New Year's Eve show Celebrate 2011, 11PM Dec 31, LIVE! at The Float @ Marina Bay!

Art @the mall Dec 18 and 19 @West Mall by SWCDC (3PM-4PM)

Art @the mall Dec 12 and 13 @Yew Tee Point by SWCDC (6PM-7PM)

Army Half Marathon, 2010

President's Star Charity TV Show, 2010

OMG (One Moment of Glory) TV show Aug - Oct, 2010

Body Mind Spirit Fest 2009 5:30pm on both days Oct 24 and 25. 2009

Formula 1 2009 Singapore Sept 25, 26, 27, 2009

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