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Sophia Meng

International Belly Dance Champion World Class Belly Dance Master

Desert Roses Star / Art director (Belly Dance Artist / Choreographer)


















Sophia Won International Belly Dance Champion

for Singapore (in Korea 2012)

Sophia with

Celebrity American percussionist Amit Gilboa


A world class belly dance performer and master, Sophia Meng is a trained Chinese folk dancer since young with a strong dance background. She was in the dance performance team since primary 3 and was promoted to be the choreographer and team leader since her middle school. Her team has won countless awards in school and also in the city. She graduated with a dance diploma in Tianjin University of Sport in China. She obtained both dance instructor certificate and yoga instructor certificate, and worked as a dance instructor and yoga instructor in China during college.  


She has been performing in Middle Eastern dance (belly dance) since 2005 after training in China. Later in Singapore she also learned from local teachers as well as workshops with Dina and other Egyptian masters.


She is currently the Art Director and core instructor of Desert Roses Belly Dance where she both leads the performance troupe as well as trains students. She had taught belly dance at the National University of Singapore and new classes were added to due to the popular demand from students.  She has also been invited every year to give one day belly dance workshop in Australian International School since 2010 and received appreciation email from the school.


In June 2010, she was invited to perform overseas in Abu Dhabi for summer in Abu Dhabi festival for 1 month to showcase Chinese Dance together with Malay and Indian dancers to represent the beauty and harmony of Singapore culture and was interviewed and reported in local newspaper.


She has been the residential professional belly dance performers in three authentic Middle Eastern restaurants respectively from 2009, where the most famous belly dancers in Singapore perform throughout the week.


From 2009 to the present, Sophia has performed in many NAC-AEP programmes in local schools and countless other company function performances outside of schools, highlights include F1 Singapore 2009.


In 2010, Sophia joined Mediacorp channel 5’s talent show One Moment of Glory (OMG) with other two instructors from Desert Roses Belly Dance Singapore. Desert Roses maintained in the program for 11 episodes and won the top 6 in the talents competition. Sophia and friends were invited to perform for the biggest countdown party of 2010 by channel 5 and also performed with many TV celebrities in President’s Charity Show 2010.


She was awarded first runner up and group championship, in Asia Global belly dance competition 2012 at Singapore Street Festival.


In 2012, she represented Singapore and won the first international belly dance champion in Nagwa Fouad Competition in Seoul, Korea. She was interviewed on mediacorp TV Channel Newsasia and Channel 8 (Good Morning Singapore) for the grand awards she brought back for Singapore.


She is young and talented, yet very experienced and inspiring belly dance instructor. She is extremely good at stage performance, has wowed audience with her graceful movements, superb techniques, extreme flexibility and exceptional passion and freedom in her dance moves. Countless appreciation messages were received through words, sms and emails. Her love for dance and students keeps inspiring her students to explore more in belly dance with her.


Learn Belly Dance from the best instructor team in Singapore, please go to Desert Roses studio class schedule page and check out more.


SOPHIA 老师是新加坡肚皮舞文化和健身的代言人, 9 年来受邀于新加坡多个华语,英文,少儿,新闻,印度频道接受访谈或表演,常年参与 NAC AEP 新加坡教育部指定文化浸濡项目宣传肚皮舞,曾受邀多个国际学校和新加坡国立大学等执教肚皮舞,她是沙漠玫瑰肚皮舞艺术总监,拥有多项世界冠军头衔和评委资格。


•  多年受邀在新加坡新传媒电视台 CHANNEL 8, CHANNEL 5, CHANNEL NEWSASIA, OKTO, VASANTHAM 等多个主要华语,英文,新闻,少儿,印度电视频道表演肚皮舞和参与访谈及才艺节目

•  多年接受新加坡多个报纸杂志健身类和艺术类栏目和新闻类栏目参访

•  新加坡中小学校 NAC AEP 新加坡教育部指定文化浸濡项目中东舞蹈音乐节目主要演员

•  新加坡艺术剧场编舞和演员,新加坡新传媒电视台兼职演员

•  为新加坡总统,总理,资政等多个政要在慈善电视节目,华人亮灯节目演出

•  2016 新加坡亚洲全球肚皮舞节团体冠军编导

•  2014 新加坡国际青少年才艺大赛主持

•  2013 开始亲自教授专业沙漠玫瑰系统表演教练课程。学员遍布东南亚,中国,日本,新西兰,加拿大,美国

•  2013 新加坡金沙杯肚皮舞大赛主持及总编导

•  2012 韩国国际肚皮舞大赛国际冠军

•  2012 新加坡亚洲全球肚皮舞节冠军

•  2011 年开始受邀在新加坡澳洲国际学校连续 4 年为种族和谐日做肚皮舞工作坊

•  2010 新传媒电视 CHANNEL 5 才艺综艺节目团体前 6 强

•  2010 年新加坡沙漠玫瑰肚皮舞艺术总监

•  2009 受邀在阿联酋阿布达比国际夏季艺术节演出


Sophia Won International Belly Dance Champion

for Singapore (in Korea 2012)

Sophia Won International Belly Dance Champion

for Singapore (in Korea 2012)


Desert Roses Star (Art Director) Sophia

on Mediacorp TV Channel Newsasia/ Channel 8 (Good Morning Singapore)



Photo: Sophia's Belly Dance workshops @ Australian International School

Photo: Art Director of Desert Roses Studio

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